Cocoa and coconut milk pancakes with agave nectar


I think just created a new recipe! I’m pretty sure it’s a first and I have never seen it before, though there could be one obvious reason for that. The feeling is amazing, like what it must have felt like to have created the wheel, sliced the first bread, or what it feels like when David Cameron says something that I don’t find ridiculous. Oh, wait… well two out of three isn’t bad.

It all happened when work threatened once again to get in the way of procrastination.  Or the other way round, I can’t tell them apart these days. I needed a distraction without alerting Dan (my husband) to notice that once again I was avoiding what I was actually supposed to be doing on our project. I worked hard yesterday, so I felt that I needed to ease off a bit. You don’t want to look too keen; it doesn’t make one look attractive.

I decided that if I were to rouse suspicion that I were shirking working, I would need to do something that would appease him to get him on side. So I decided to cook him something. Easy.

I chose to make pancakes. They are the lazy man’s pudding, but work every time. I have no patience for recipes at the moment because trying to read them means getting my sticky paws all over the laptop, and recipes here call for weights in cups and ounces and I have grown tired of trying to convert them. So I just try and remember what I once read and give it my own spin, usually to make it more healthy.

So, here is an easy recipe that I devised off the back of a classic. It is dairy free, and uses wholemeal flour and oats to add texture and make for a healthier pancake.

For the pancake you will need:

100 grams of wholemeal flour
A handful of rolled oats
2 eggs
300 ml fresh coconut milk. (I used fresh coconut milk from WentHome, an amazing father and son duo, who load us up every Sunday at Holders Market).
3 large tbsp. cocoa powder
Agave nectar to garnish. Though regular honey is a fine substitute.

The method:

Add all the ingredients (excluding the agave nectar) to a large mixing bowl and stir thoroughly.

Put a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add a drop of oil to the pan, swirl it around, tipping out any excess. Pour in some of the batter, tilting the pan and swirling the batter to give a thin, even layer. Leave the pancake alone for 30 seconds, until it starts to darken around the edge.

With a palette knife, ease the edge of the pancake away from the pan, loosen underneath, then turn it over in one quick movement or give it a flip. Cook for another 30 seconds before turning out onto a plate.

To serve:

Place on the plate and burn your fingers (or even better don’t) rolling them up to look good!
Pour over the agave nectar. There you have it. Also I would definitely add bananas, but didn’t have any to hand.

3 thoughts on “Cocoa and coconut milk pancakes with agave nectar

  1. These look unbelievably delicious! Nicely and cleverly “devised off the back of a classic.”

    I am expecting that some amazing organic chocolate is going to be increasingly available in the Caribbean as cocoa gets a new lease on making a healthy contribution to daily delights like this recipe. We grow excellent beans in the islands…just ask Cadbury’s buyers.

    Thanks for the Went Home plug. I look forward to more magic!

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